As we navigate together through these tough times, we at The Duo Planner are committed to ensuring that added precautions are taken when providing our services to our clients.

Here are the guidelines that we have put in place.


We also seek your kind understanding and co-operation that last minute changes (locations or props used for the picnic) may arise due to the ever-changing Covid-19 situation.

Thank you.

COVID-19 Regulations (Updated 8 September 2020)

Location updates

⁃ Only basic set up is allowed
⁃ Last time slot from 4-7pm
⁃ Not recommended for weekends

Marina Barrage
⁃ Only basic set up is allowed
⁃ Mini teepee tent is changed to love balloon
⁃ Last time slot from 5-8pm
⁃ Not recommended for weekends or large pax

Bay East Garden
⁃ Only basic and teepee set up is allowed

A maximum of 5pax per session will be allowed per booking;


Hand sanitisers will be placed at the setup for use during the setup;


No intermingling is allowed with other members of the public at any time during the duration of the session;


Clients are to ensure that they are healthy and not serving any stay home order/quarantine when attending the session;


The Duo Planner Pte Ltd will not be held liable if clients fail to adhere to the measures above and infringes the current Phase 2 regulations imposed by the Singapore Government.


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