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The Duo Planner has always been centred around love and life and we love how each and every celebration is unique in its own ways. For those who are new, hello and nice to e-meet you! :)

Before we get started on today's post, here's some information about us. The Duo Planner is a bespoke picnic company that seeks to lift the burden of the logistic and planning aspect from you whilst you focus on creating the best memories in the company of your loved ones. The versatility of our picnic-themed setups are perfect for your birthday, anniversary or even proposal celebration. Be it in the indoor or outdoor, leave all the setting up to us. All you need is your best outfit, your loved ones and here's to an evening filled with love and laughter.


Yesterday, 5th May, was one of our most memorable experience we've had while setting up for a proposal. Here's why.

Located in Sentosa, we had a setup over at Equarius Hotel's Ocean Suite. You know that hotel with that aquarium where you can see marine fishes from your room? YES THAT ONE!

For those of you who have not heard about this place, here's a sneak peak of what we're talking about!

Credits: Resorts World Sentosa

Yes..... That is the view that you get from the moment you enter your room. Amazing isn't it! And that was the same view that accompanied us as we set up for the proposal. Another plus point of the room is that there is also an upper level consisting of an open living area leading onto an outdoor patio and Jacuzzi. Definitely the best of both worlds!

It definitely felt so surreal that you can see these marine fishes up close in the comfort of your room!

Soon after, we started on our setup and took countless of photos. After all, it was our first experience and fingers crossed, hopefully not our last! Hehe.



*drumrooooollllllll plsssss*







The "Proposal +" with balloon add-ons.

Apart from our usual outdoor setups at the gardens with the Singapore skyline as the view, we were blessed that we had a whole different experience for today. AND LOOK AT THAT HUGE STINGRAY that decided he wanted to be in the picture as well, hehe!

All in all, we would recommend this Ocean Suite experience to those who are looking for the WOW factor for their proposal. After all, with travelling out of the picture, this would be the next best alternative if you're seeking for something different and memorable.

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We look forward to being a part of your celebration! <3

Lots of Love,

The Duo Planner

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