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The Duo Planner

Hey there! We are The Duo Planner.
Nice to meet you :)

Being a fan of all things pretty and fancy, The Duo Planner was established in Singapore to create an opportunity for family and friends to celebrate special moments together. ​

Appealing to all ages, the complete experience from start to finish seeks to lift the burden of the logistic and planning aspect from you whilst you focus on creating the best memories in the company of your loved ones. 

Pick out your best outfits and celebrate in style. 

Celebrate love and life with The Duo Planner.

Birthday setup



Here are some of the services that The Duo Planner offer for your celebration.

Picnic Styling

Picnic Styling

Picnic Styling Packages includes set up, tear down and delivery. All you have to do is prepare your guest list and look forward to an evening to remember.

Be Mine

Proposal Styling

One step closer to forever & always. We provide an all inclusive package from set up to bouquets and even photography. 

Slumber Party

Slumber Party

What better way to celebrate your special day by throwing a slumber party for you and your loved ones!

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